Electrical Plasma in Combustion

Until the use of fossil fuels are globally banned or abandoned, air pollution from exhaust emissions remains our foremost environmental problem to solve. Electronic plasma technologies like Plasmacat are the certain future for all-size, fuel-injected engines and burners from motorcycles to coal-fired power. Through a donor-advised investment program, companies can develop plasma for their own combustion products or process, invest in the future of their industry, get a long-term tax credit, and the benefits listed below.

Plasmacat is a U.S. company, developing plasma for all size, fuel-injected combustion equipment. Plasmacat’s application “whitepapers” can be found on their website.

Pandora IP is a Public Charity Purpose Trust, concurrently forming in the United States, Rotterdam NL, India, and where needed. Their Donor Advised Investment program provides financial incentive to adapt and develop environmental and safety innovation. Companies that enroll in their “DAI” program for Plasmacat, develop plasma to increase fuel efficiency, abate air pollution; and,

  • receive a long-term tax credit (three to five years).
  • receive matching dividends from Plasmacat that are donor-advised for allocation in environmental and safety innovation, cleaner, safer, more fuel-efficient products and production, and business practice that benefits the public good.
  • allocate 50% of their enrollment cost for plasma R&D.
  • develop and license intellectual property (tax-abated).

The DAI Fund is donor-advised in perpetuity.

Licensing through the DAI Program

Companies enrolled in the program for Plasmacat, develop marketable plasma technologies, supporting hardware and software for six, enormous and diverse, combustion industry segments; and,

  • license-out intellectual property that is tax-abated and allocated as advised by the Donor.
  • benefit from shared data acquisition that increases the value of the technology and reduces the risk for R&D.

The DAI program doubles the value of technology transfer for a qualifying purpose.

Summary of benefits for industry

  • Long-term tax credit.
  • Matching Plasmacat dividends
  • Funding for plasma R&D (half of the cost for enrollment).
  • Tax-abated technology transfer.
  • Shared data acquisition, among six industry segments.
  • Subsidized or eliminated Intellectual property management cost.

Investors, benefactors, and joint ventures

  • Participate in the DAI program, alongside industry.
  • Purchase a Pandora IP Royalty Revenue Certificate, an “x-factor” cash return, taxed as a royalty.
  • Purchase Plasmacat company shares (privately and directly).

Plasmacat’s company valuation will likely exceed $1B USD from licensing technology and selling products to U.S. markets, seeded by the DAI program. The capacity of the program is $1.2B for participating companies in six industry segments: internal combustion engines for on-and-off-road vehicles, marine vessels, stationary equipment; and, burners for heating, industrial process, and electric power generation.