DAI Program


Electrical plasma 

Until the use of fossil fuel is globally banned or abandoned, increasing combustion efficiency and abating emissions remain our foremost environmental problems to solve.  Electronic plasma technologies like Plasmacat, are the certain future for fuel-injected combustion equipment, fully integrated to control the combustion process for all size, new and retrofitted engines and burners.  Plasmacat’s closest “competitor” is Southwest Research Institute, a world-renowned laboratory for testing and verifying products that comply with U.S. fuel and emission standards.  Plasmacat and SWRI produce plasmas that increase fuel efficiency in engines and burners (respectively) by 30%, and both expect greater improvement with future development.  Unlike SWRI, Plasmacat treats the entire combustion process to also abate exhaust emissions.

In trials

Plasmacat technology produced a 5% increase in heat (work) using %20 less fuel, increasing a 90% efficient OEM burner by 30% and exponentially reducing CO2 and NOx. Plasmacat’s circuitry is scalable without limitation to produce a small “ball of plasma” in the cylinder of an engine, or a large “ring-of-fire” surrounding the tip of a fuel-injector in a boiler. Their technology can be automated to maintain combustion efficiency throughout changing combustion conditions and fuel type.  Their patent publications for engines, burners and catalytic converters, concluded with the electronic control of redox reactivity, an all-electronic emissions control process that improves combustion efficiency.  A storyboard helps illustrate how Plasmacat technology is installed to control redox and a redox gasket for installation in modern fuel-injected engines.

Plasma technologies provide

  • 20% increase in fuel efficiency
  • 5% increase in combustion efficiency (work)
  • Emission abatement.
  • Cleaner, more efficient multi-fuel switching
  • Retrofits for meeting newer emissions mandates
  • Real-time efficiency monitoring and maintenance

Donor Advised Investment Program

Pandora IP is a global Public Trust for environmental innovation that is concurrently forming and expanding to the U.S., Cayman Islands, Netherlands, India, and where needed.  We assist innovators and startup companies with ICO placement, IP licensing, and direct-to-industry “DAI” programs.  A donor-advised investment is a donation that is invested as advised by the Donor for a tax credit and return on investment that can be further donor-advised.

Our Donor Advised Investment Program is for environmental and safety innovation, products, process, and business practice that benefits the public good. Companies that enroll in our program for Plasmacat, claim a three to five-year tax credit, receive a matching dividend return (from Plasmacat) and allocate half of their enrollment cost to develop plasma for their combustion products or process.  When participants innovate valuable hardware and software for their industry segment, Pandora IP is a nonprofit Licensor that returns tax-abated licensing revenue (royalty) to the DAI program that is allocated as advised by the donor of the IP.

When enrolling in the DAI program for Plasmacat,

  • 50% of the cost to enroll is allocated as advised by the donor for plasma R&D.
  • 100% is returned to the donor’s DAI account from Plasmacat’s success in U.S. markets
  • A three to five-year tax credit is awarded
  • Data acquisition, among six industry segments, increases the global value and reduces the risk to adapt plasma for combustion.
  • Tax-free technology licensing doubles the value of technology transfer.

Plasmacat’s company valuation will exceed $1B from technology licensing and products sold to U.S. markets, seeded by the DAI program. The capacity of the program is $600M and is divided among six industry segments, namely, manufacturers and users of engines for on-and-off-road vehicles, marine vessels, stationary equipment; and, burners for heating, industrial process, and electric power generation.